How to Use Coupon?

In, it is absolutely simple to use Coupon codes for discount on any software.
To know how to use coupon code during purchasing, follow the step-wise given process:


How to use coupon code in

    1. Open the software page and click on the “Coupon Code”


or “Active Coupon” button.

  1. After clicking the coupon code, you will be redirected to software order page.
    If you are not redirected to the order page then click on the “Click Here”

  1. In this step, The coupon code will be applied automatically and you will see the discount in the order page.


Note: Generally, when we click on coupon code, the discount gets applied automatically.

But if it fails in this, paste coupon code it into the coupon box and click update. The discount will be applied.

If both gets failed, contact to our marketing team via Email: info[at]easerays[dot]com