5 Top 2021 PRO Laravel Templates for Free

Productivity and efficiency are two of the most desired features. People are time-bound and so is their business. Hence, technology comes up with ways to improve output and

reduce time and effort. Laravel framework is similar to the technology that could save time and effort for the developer in building a website and web pages. The pre-built templates help out furthermore in the cause since they already have most of the features required for creating web apps and websites. The other aspect of using templates is to save money and spend less on high remunerated companies for the same job.

There can be many templates found online with multiple and diverse features and many of them would come as free of cost. The free templates might or might not be feasible depending upon the requirements but the premium templates will provide the best of features. Here are 5 top Pro Laravel templates for 2021 that can be used:

1. Vue Material Dashboard Laravel Pro

Vue Material Dashboard Laravel Pro
Vue material dashboard laravel pro is a fully-loaded app with Vue, Laravel, and JSON: API containing a huge number of UI components and other features. Vue front-end and Laravel backend make it a loving combination for the developers who are working on building websites. The template is partnered by UPDIVISION for full-stack resources and powered by API for Laravel to get the best output.

Key features:
  • Starting with more than 200 handcrafted UI elements that include Material Design cards and buttons.
  • 28 examples page so that you can build something new and try it before releasing it.
  • 15 optimized Vue.js plugins for that extra bit of options.
  • Modular Vuex store with modules for each JSON: API resource that can power Laravel backend.
  • Everything required for a lightweight CMS such as role-based authentication system, profile, CRUDs for user’s management, roles, items, categories, and tags are there.
  • Well-maintained documentation in detail for better understanding.

2. Material Dashboard Pro Laravel

Material Dashboard Pro Laravel
Material Dashboard Pro Laravel is a premium Bootstrap 4 dashboard for Laravel. It is one of the most popular templates in the market and many use it for their work. It is created by a partnership of Creative Tim and UPDIVISION for a fully coded complete solution for frontend and backend. This might be the answer for most of your troubles such as a powerful, versatile dashboard that can help in building admin panels, easier CRM, and CMS apps. Material Dashboard believes in a design philosophy that allows all the components to custom fit perfectly to create new content. The backend is fully integrated, fully functional and admin panel for the custom application. In short, it is your complete solution.

Key features:
  • 200 handcrafted elements for unique web applications.
  • 15 customized plugins for better performance.
  • 27 example pages for testing and retrieving.

3. Materialize

Materialize is a high-quality template that is ready to go for any of your projects. It is rated highly with all the pre-built pages and features. The premium Laravel and HTML template has a wide range of nicely selected demos that help you get started with admin or dashboard. Each one of the demo pages includes many widgets, components, and elements that can be used in making a new dashboard or admin area.

Key features:
  • Laravel and HTML admin templates.
  • Few examples contain messages, chats, and calendar tools.
  • The addition of a task manager to the dashboard is possible in few options.

4. Vuexy

Vuexy is a powerful template that is based on bootstrap 4 & 5, bootstrap Vue and Reactstrap. It is the most developer-friendly and highly customizable template that has lots of features. Using an innovative approach this template creates eye-catching, high-quality, and high-performing single-page applications. This template makes your apps completely responsive and fit for any device. Vuexy is loaded with special tools such as fuzzy search, bookmarks, floating nav bars, dark & semi-dark layout options, advance cards, and charts.

Key features:
  • Fully responsive layout with the ability to customize and make something of your own.
  • An organized and folded structure makes it easier for the user to find and locate files.
  • SASS-powered, feather icons, unlimited color options, and much more.
  • Well-documented codes for better understanding and manipulation opportunities.
  • Regular updates and free support along with many other small features.

5. Booster

Booster is a template for creative and unique developers with an admin dashboard and UI kit designed and developed on a bootstrap framework that makes it more powerful. It is built with all the latest frameworks and dashboards like bootstrap version 4, the latest Laravel, PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS, and jQuery. Booster is responsive, flexible, user-friendly, and supports all the popular browsers for a better experience. Clean code and documentation are other features of this template.

Key features:
  • 100% responsive and customizable design.
  • Modern widgets and useful plugins for better output.
  • 7+ icons, 80+ pages, and vertical and horizontal layouts.

Starting a laravel project from the scratch can be time-taking and full of effort but it can be avoided by using these templates. The other benefits include money-saving opportunities with the use of these templates.