Top 5 Dark Website Themes/Templates for 2021

Most of the website designs are based on themes that are subtle and easy to the eyes. There are very few websites that use dark themes for their websites as they are not sure about

how it would look. Now many people have come forward demanding dark themes for websites due to their love for elegance and dark colors in general. The dark themes not only provide elegance to the website it brings a sense of creative flair to the table that is unique to find in normal websites.

Though dark themes are a trend to fit in the modern world of web development the theme should be selected carefully. Many dark themes go down as negative themes because of their irregular use of dark colors. Hence, it is important to find out the top dark themes that fit in today’s world. On behalf of all the enthusiasts and with help of experts this article will narrow down some of the best dark themes for use. Here are 5 top dark website themes for 2021:

1. Material Dashboard Dark Edition

Material Dashboard Dark Edition
Material Dashboard Dark Edition is a bootstrap 4 admin with a new design inspired by Google’s Material Design. The dark edition makes use of light, surface, and movement to bring out the best of the theme. The general layout resembles a compiled set of papers one above the other just like layered sheets to show depth. Material Dashboard Dark Edition comes out with 5 color variations for both sidebars and header that can be easily changed. The 5 colors variations are blue, green, red, orange, and purple.

2. Black Dashboard Angular

Black Dashboard Angular
Black Dashboard Angular is based on bootstrap 4 and angular is an open-source theme that can be customized easily. The theme contains 16 different individual components that can be used as an alternative to the standard one in a unique combination to form new results. This gives out more options for the developer to work with and not just rely on one design. Though this theme is named as black dashboard, it comes with both dark and light mode as the makers didn’t want to leave any user hanging. The pro version gives some additional features such as supporting Photoshop and Sketch files.

3. Paperio

If you are into WordPress themes that can provide you with a hassle-free website, Paperio is one of the most popular dark themes to choose from. It is a multi-purpose and responsive theme popular for its stylish and modern look. A visual selection of layouts, colors, demos, and templates reduces all the hard work of writing codes and testing them again and again. Being a WordPress theme it surely has advantages such as SEO-enhanced, performance across all popular search engines, and many more. The dark theme stands out from the crowd with its features and ease of work. It supports bootstrap that allows it to be a mobile-friendly performer.

4. Candy

Candy is simply dark and bold. The theme is another WordPress denominator for the dark themes that are popular for their minimal and elegant looks. It is a great theme for both single-use and multi-page websites and working with bootstrap makes it all the more powerful. The navigation experience with its parallax scrolling is so smooth that it brings out the best in the websites. The custom responsive aspect ratio allows you to use any ratio for design. Candy is SEO-friendly and makes your website reach to furthermore audience. Candy is a perfect fit for a professional website with its polished aesthetics and tools to support the website.

5. Corona

Corona is yet another dark theme that supports bootstrap and provides efficient features to work with making it one of the top choices for the dark theme for any website. It’s simple and shadowy design makes it intriguing and unique for the customers. It has a powerful dashboard that helps out the developer to solve the complex of web app development and customizations with ease. It offers multiple layout options for the user to choose from. These features give more options and improve the website’s performance.


Though dark themes are elegant and unique and give the edge to the website, it is not selected by many. Hence, there may be fewer themes available than light themes. Choosing a dark theme can be both advantageous and not depending upon these few points: readability before a black background, reflecting brand strategy, use of optimum white and gaps in the design, and high-quality image use to oppress the black background.