Free 5 Top Modern React Themes and Templates for 2021

The market has many options for the themes and plugins for react and angular and it sometimes confuses people a lot on which one to choose. Though there are always some themes

better than the others and only experts who know about them can distinguish between them for other people as well. Similarly, in this article, you are about to find out 5 free themes that the experts find perfect for using. The themes have been doubly checked for price and all of the themes mentioned below don’t have any cost to them.

To ease out the searching process for the beginners and enthusiasts there are 5 free react and angular themes and plugins you must have:

1. Notus React

Notus React
Notus react is a free Tailwind CSS UI kit and admin for reacting that has a lot of amazing features to help the developers. The template has bright and beautiful colors to make it look attractive. With over 100+ front-end components, Notus gives you the perfect opportunity to combine them and make something uniquely yours. The best part is all the components have the option of customization that can be done through Tailwind CSS. Even if one doesn’t want to waste time on editing there are multiple states of colors, styles, and focus that can be used.

2. Argon Design System React

Argon Design System React
Argon Design System React is another trusted theme that has multiple features. There are over 100 individual components that give the developers the option to mix and combine them. All of the components have variations in color and styles that can be explored using the SASS files provided with it.

There are chances of saving a lot of time with all the elements are implemented. The system comes with pre-built examples that help in understanding the design and development process to make it flawless without any problems. This way switching to the real website from the prototyping stage is very easy and swift.

3. Shards Dashboard Lite React

Shards Dashboard Lite React
Shards Dashboard Lite React is a complete package with many features, a modern design system, and lots of customization options for templates and components. The best parts about all the layout designs are that they are all responsive to the customization by the developers. Shards are one of the best performers with a minimal footprint. There is a code quality followed while making this dashboard from the scratch. The entire code of Shards Dashboard Lite React suffices with the modern trend and technology. This template will never let you feel lagging at any point in coding and executing the program.

4. Material Dashboard Angular

Material Dashboard Angular
Material Dashboard Angular 7 is a free material bootstrap 4 admin that has something new for the developers. It has got a new design that is fresh in look and easy to understand while giving the best performance. The admin template makes use of light, surface, and movement which is at all possible when works with angular v2+. Other features that stand out are the navigation and content on the left and right sidebars respectively. These features are generally customizable in terms of their design but the navigation position more or less is fixed at the left sidebar. Material Dashboard has become quite a familiar name and rightly so because it is very trustworthy.

5. Argon Dashboard Angular

Argon Dashboard Angular
Argon is another very familiar name when it comes to quality work. Argon Dashboard Angular is a bootstrap 4 admin and an open-source system that can be customized with ease. It contains more than 100 components that are all customizable if and when required. This gives the developer a sense of freedom that the components can be combined in a mix that will make this theme its own. All the components can be turned and transformed using SASS files that come with the code. Every element has variations in color, styles, and hover that make the prototyping easy and less painful.


All of the above themes are mostly similar in terms of features and customization possibilities. This is why any of them can be chosen by the developer and they can save a lot of their time from a lot of extra coding.